Profits under pressure? Bite back with K9

The patented K9 Kwik Wire connector, available from Hylec-APL, is a fast, simple and safe alternative to traditional cable connectors. Estimated to make regular wiring installations up to 50% quicker, K9 has been designed to help professional electricians and installers improve productivity and, in turn, profitability.

How K9 works

With K9, you simply insert your cable into the opening of the insulation displacement connector cage, then snap it shut to secure the wiring in place. Precision-sharpened connector blades then cut through the insulating sheath, cold welding the wires to the K9’s interior. This creates an IP33 rated dustproof, water-resistant and airtight connection between the wires.

The K9 product range

K9 is available in two shapes and 11 unique models:

  • ' I Type’ for end to end connections - five models with conductor cross sectional areas ranging from 0.1mm2 – 5.0mm2 and current ratings from 3Amp to 30Amp, depending on the conductor cross sectional area. Sizes range from 5.5mm (h) x 5.5mm (w) x 25mm (d) to 10.4mm (w) x 10.4mm (h) x 40mm (d)
  • ‘T Type’ for spurred connections – The range is similar to the ‘I Type’ but with 6 models covering conductor cross sectional areas of 0.1mm2 – 5.0mm2 and current ratings from 3Amp to 30Amp, depending on the conductor cross sectional area. The additional T model in this range caters for two different conductor sizes, the ‘I end’ is for conductors 0.1mm2 – 0.5mm2 whilst the ‘T end’ accommodates 0.6mm2 – 1.0mm2. As with all T end clamps, the ‘T’ end simply clamps onto the conductor, there’s no need to cut and reconnect existing cables – thus saving valuable time. Sizes for the ‘T Type’ range from 5.5mm (h) x 14mm (w) x 25mm (d) to 10.4mm (h) x 20mm (w) x 42mm (d)

The maximum voltage for every K9 product is 600V. The connectors are manufactured in RoHS compliant plastic and feature brass copper connector blades. Weight ranges from 0.5 to 5.7g each.

About IDT

IDT has been used extensively in the telecommunications, networking, electronics and computing sectors. However, thanks to recent developments enabling multiple stranded wire as well as solid (single stranded) conductors to be used, the benefits of IDT are now available across a growing range of electrical installations including domestic and low voltage industrial, marine and automotive applications.

Benefits of K9

  • Simple – just insert the cables and snap the clamp shut. You don’t even need to connect the wires and the only tool you may need is a pair of pliers to ensure a positive clamp on the larger K9 products and hence a good electrical connection
  • Safe – once shut, K9 is water-resistant and dustproof to IP33. And there’s no risk of electric shock
  • Fast – no stripping down cable sheath, no screwing down wires and no taping up afterwards – K9 could reduce your installation times by up to 50%
  • Profitable – turn saved time into more completed projects – and more satisfied customers

Get a free K9 product sample

Hylec-APL is offering Professional Electrician and Installer readers a free sample of the K9 connector. To find out more and claim your sample product, visit

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